Meet Blair


From the moment I stepped foot on this island in 2009, I knew this was the place I wanted to call home. I fell in love with the beautiful sites, places & friendly people here in the community! Moving to the Westshore was and still is the best place to raise my children & family! Every day have moments while I walk my dog, taking in our beautiful scenery, that I feel like we are all so lucky to be able to call this place home!

I spent a few years working in a Real Estate office before deciding to do unlicensed assistant work for Realtors the past year. While working in a Real Estate office, I loved all aspects of the business and the people I worked with. I spent my time there learning as much as possible.

My experience and expertise with technology, social media and customer service helps keep me above the curve when marketing a property. I’m currently taking my Real Estate license, so I can help my team & clients better in the near future!

I strongly believe that real estate is not just about the transaction of finding a home or selling a home, but the story of the people involved in the transaction. Real estate is about real people, their families, and helping them find their dream home! There is no greater satisfaction to me than helping my clients accomplish their real estate goals and dreams!